Flash Delivery

Flash Delivery Inc. is the first food delivery and catering service exclusively serving the city of Detroit with gourmet food from local restaurants. Flash Delivery Inc. offers a variety of food from restaurants such as Starters and Buffalo Wild Wings. In 2014, Infused PR and Events established a relationship with Flash Delivery Inc. to successfully launch and create awareness of the services provided within the community of Detroit. At the launch of the company, Infused was tasked with handling everything from marketing, to press, and community relations. Infused PR and Events tackled the challenge by creating a social media referral campaign, which resulted in media coverage in the local and regional publication, Fox 2 News.

Since the start of the relationship, Infused has not only increased awareness of the company to consumers, but we have entered Flash Delivery in the state’s top business pitch competitions, including the Detroit Policy Conference, The Women’s Foundation Entrepreneur-You Competition, and Quicken Loans Demo Day. Flash Delivery was impressed with the results that Infused PR and Events accomplished and was asked to continue to manage the public relations, marketing and social media for the 2018 community expansion into Southeast Detroit.

Infused PR and Events has greatly assisted doubling the revenue year after year since the launch and plans to help increase revenue upon expansion.